Are the brake linings of your trailer worn out? Is the soft top defective due to careless loading? Has your vehicle been involved in an accident and needs to be repaired, welded and/or repainted? Is a general overhaul due after ten years of hard use?

Then you have come to the right address at our service and repair centre. meusburger has a well-equipped workshop, separated from production in terms of space and personnel, solely for repair and maintenance work. Here we cure your vehicles of all ailments - from electrics to mechanics and steel construction to pneumatics and hydraulics.

Our workshop personnel have extensive knowledge in all these areas - especially in the areas of vehicle hydraulics and repair work on structures made of high-strength steels, this treasure trove of experience is a guarantee for professional and solid repairs.

And if necessary, we also work around the clock to get your “problem child” back on the road.

You can reach our repair and service centre at:

Repair service


Telephone: +49 85 44 96 22 34

Fax: +49 85 44 96 22 50




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